One Word For Pharma

One Word For Pharma

Corporate greed is killing us. Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making more than $1,000 a second in profit, whilst thousands of people around the world continue to die from COVID-19 every day.

Pfizer and Moderna have acted greedily and recklessly throughout the COVID crisis. On 28 April, as their shareholders meet to announce another round of pandemic profits, activists are mobilising in front of their headquarters to tell them what we think of their actions. We’re taking the hundreds of voices messages of people from around the world directly to Moderna and Pfizer.

Wherever you are – join them.


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We all know *this guy*.

He’s already made billions off the pandemic but is that ever enough?

As Pfizer and Moderna prepare to announce new COVID vaccine profits, we ask: why share the tech and #EndCOVIDmonopolies when you have liquid gold in your hands?

If you believe that human lives are more important than the next billion, join activists and tell Pfizer and Moderna what you think of their pandemic profiteering.

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What was your reaction when you heard that pharma companies continue to make billions whilst less than 20% of the poorest countries have been vaccinated against COVID-19?

We asked one graffiti artist – and he showed us his answer.

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If you were to choose ONE WORD to sum up your feeling about pharmaceutical companies refusing to share COVID-19 vaccine technology, what would your word be? #OneWordForPharma

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