PVA Oxfam INB5 statement


Release Date: 12 June 2023

Delivered at the INB5 meeting on 12th June 2023

Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of Oxfam and PVA. We appreciate the Bureau’s hard work to produce the current draft.

We are disappointed by the language dilution in the draft. If we learnt anything from HIV, COVID-19 and other pandemics and epidemics it is that business as usual does not deliver equitable access.

The draft must have more committing language obliging HICs to concrete actions to ensure equitable access to health products. The obligation language falls on LMICs such as in surveillance but loose language for HICs. The use of “as appropriate” leaves the decision to take an action to the will of a country rather than making it an obligation.

The draft must commit member states to:

  1. require institutions and companies to share technology and knowhow with researchers and capable manufacturers in LMICs, in their R&D funding and purchasing agreements.
  2. support, including financially, collaborative research between institutions in the North and South to build R&D capacity in LMICs. This will not only benefit LMICs but also enable Southern contribution to the progress of science and technology for all humanity.
  3. make full use of TRIPS flexibilities during health emergencies.
  4. waive intellectual property rules during pandemics and the recovery period.
  5. provide political leadership, financial and technical support to develop manufacturing capacity in LMICs before pandemics hit. Surge in support is needed at times of pandemic to use access to technology, knowhow to manufacture the pandemic relevant products.
  6. During pandemics, once products are developed and when demand outstrip supply, all member states must abide by equitable access to prioritise vulnerable populations in all countries, until supply is enough, especially that from LMICs plants.
  7. invest in resilient public health systems.

Thank you,

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