Oxfam and PVA statement at INB9


Release date: 18 March 2024

Delivered by Dr Mohga Kamal-Yanni on 18th March 2024

Thank you.

This is scheduled to be the meeting that reach a consensus document on how to protect everyone everywhere from the threat of pandemics.

Now is the time to commit to measures that achieve equity and human rights including the right to health and to the fruits of science.

The US and the EU set examples by implementing and proposing measures to ensure technology development and transfer and to remove IP barriers to enable innovation and access for their population. Similar measures need to be included in the Accord.

The litmus test is whether the agreement can deal with a threat: disease X or pathogens like mpox currently killing people in DRC. Would the Accord enable diverse production by sharing products, technology and know how especially via MPP and the WHO Health Technology Access Pool, removing IP barriers, and enabling benefit sharing.

The world needs transformative changes to put lives before profit.

Thank you.

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