EU Pharma Deal


Release Date: 30 June 2023

Reacting to the news that EU has announced a deal with pharma companies to reserve vaccines for future pandemics, PVA’s Policy Co-Lead, Mohga Kamal-Yanni said: 

“The EU has a right to protect its own citizens, but the message from today’s news seems to be that the lives of people in rich countries are valued above all others. Even from a perspective of self-interest, it is a short-sighted vision that seems to pretend viruses will stop at the EU’s borders.

“After a pandemic in which developing countries were sent to the back of the queue for vaccines and treatments, the EU and pharmaceutical companies seem to be planning to do it all over again in the next health crisis.

“If EU leaders and pharmaceutical CEOs really care about global solidarity, they will now detail how they will help to ensure similar measures for equitable access for developing countries in the next health crisis. But, unless they listen to the demands of low and middle-income countries, the world is set to repeat the deadly nationalism, inequity, and profiteering of the COVID-19 pandemic. ”

Read about the announcement here:

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