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Agility Fund

The third round of the Agility Fund is now live.

Below you can find information about the most recent round of funding, including criteria, eligibility and applications. Please note that this round of funding is only open to organisations based in Africa who are previous recipients of Agility Fund grants.


The Agility Fund is designed to provide rapid, small-to-medium sized grants up to $20,000 to support work that helps to ensure equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatments.

Current Agility Fund Timeline

23 May: Launch of Agility Fund. Fund is open to applications.
5 June: Fund is closed to applications at 17:00 UTC.
16 June: Applications are shortlisted, applicants informed of the outcome.
16-30 June: Disbursement of funding

(Note: All dates may be subject to change)


In order to submit an application for a grant, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Your organisation is a previous recipient of Agility Fund grants
  • Your organisation is based in and operates in the African region
  • Your organisation and your proposal should contribute towards the objectives of the PVA Manifesto.
  • Your proposal must contribute to at least one of the following objectives:
    • The removal of key barriers to COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics, and treatment equity
    • Amplify success stories/models that promote mechanisms that share intellectual property/rights
    • Amplify the voices and stories of the most impacted communities
    • Draw parallels with other diseases that address similar systemic barriers faced with COVID-19
  • Your proposal demonstrates a realistic plan to complete all activities within 5 months.
  • You can demonstrate that your activities would support/benefit the work of people in the broader movement, other PVA members, or your local community.
  • Your organisation does not receive any funding from pharmaceutical companies in the last 3 years or have board members who are connected to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Your organisation has a bank account in its own name.



To submit an application, please:

Application forms and guidelines and FAQ documents are available in English and French and applications can be submitted in these languages. Please note that further communication will primarily be made in English.


Frontline AIDS acts as PVA fiscal sponsor providing financial management oversight and other administrative functions. The Agility Fund is supported and made possible thanks to Frontline AIDS.

We will acknowledge your application as soon as it is received. All submitted applications will then be reviewed by a team of staff from both PVA Global and Frontline AIDS. This review will take into account alignment with the eligibility criteria, impact of the proposed activities and compliance with the Funding Guidelines and FAQs.

Information supplied via the application form is retained by Frontline AIDS to inform monitoring and learning from the PVA, and in order to assist any future applications. Data is secure and accessible only to the PVA and Frontline AIDS teams.

We will assess your proposal only based on the information included in your submitted application. No revised versions of the application will be assessed or accepted. All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. The processing time will vary according to the information you provide and how quickly we can verify this.


You can find linked the pages for information on how the first round and the second round of the Agility Fund were run, including eligibility criteria and dates.