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Add to the COVID-19 Memorial Wall

Too many of us have experienced the devastation of losing a loved one to COVID-19 – and too many more are still in danger of losing people because of horrendous vaccine inequality around the world.

The People’s Vaccine Alliance wants to provide a space for people to remember and celebrate those they love who have been taken by COVID-19.

We also want to allow people to voice their anger and pain at the fact that vaccines are being hoarded and wasted whilst people die every day. The pandemic is far from over, and leaders and pharmaceutical companies must be held to account for their inaction and greed that is causing millions of needless deaths.

It is immoral that the world now has vaccines that can help us protect more people – but too few vaccines are available to people in the Global South. We would like to share the names, images or stories of people lost to remind leaders that real lives are at stake in the fight against COVID.

The fine print

Images: Please only share images of the loved one you are sharing the memorial for. To ensure we comply with data privacy laws and to respect the privacy of others, we will not upload group photos.

Stories: We have a character limit on the memorials, and therefore sometimes need to   shorten or slightly alter stories. If you feel that your words have been misrepresented or you would like an edit, please contact [email protected]

Changes: For any changes, or to remove your loved one from the Memorial Wall, please contact [email protected]. To help us verify your entry, please include the name of your loved one, and the email address you used to submit their record.

Privacy: We store the minimal amount of data possible about yourself and your loved one. We keep your email address on record only for the purpose of follow up – for example if you get back in touch to alter or remove your loved ones’ memorial.

For more details about how we store data and how we keep it safe, read our privacy policy.