Protest against Pfizer’s pandemic profiteering

Protest against Pfizer’s pandemic profiteering


Pfizer has made $37bn on its Covid-19 vaccine, while at the same time refusing to share its knowhow and vaccine technology with countries in the global south. This is scandalous when more than 8 in 10 people in low-income countries still haven’t had a Covid-19 vaccine.

We’re calling for an end to Pfizer’s pandemic profiteering. We demand they share their vaccine recipes with producers in the global south and stop monopolising life-saving treatments.

The plan:
• An alternative AGM: workshops on the power structures that allow companies like Pfizer to monopolise medicines production. We will discuss how we win a global health system that puts people before profit. Speakers include comedian Mark Thomas, health activists, and speakers whose families have been badly affected by the failures of the pharma industry.
• Music, arts and comedy as we seek to explain just how ridiculous a world where Pfizer calls the shots is.

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